Friends & Reports

I have just said goodbye to my friends who are driving back home. They came down last night after one of them finished work at 8 and arrived around half 9. Once they found the place, we went to ASDA and bought a load of food and some drinks and came back to my flat. My friend forgot his ID so I bought his drink whilst he got the food and he refused to let me pay him back which was annoying but cool of him. 

At mine, we ate and had a few drinks. I couldn’t be bothered to drink so stuck to squash but my friend had a few too many and begged to go the beach. I finally agreed and we went, even though at one point she climbed over a fence and stood on the cliff side, which I only realised was really steep when I got down onto the beach. We walked along the beach for ages, and my friend ran into the sea fully clothed and got soaked. We walked home after this, with her using my other friend’s jumper to keep walm. We came back and chilled at my flat and stayed up till 7, which was painful when I had to get up at 10 to meet my group to do work. 

We have been set a 5000 word report and my group have been really good! It makes such a difference to my last group project where I had to do most of the work. We met for two hours and got loads done and have pretty much finished now. After this, I need to finish off my referencing and then it just needs to be proof read by as many people as possible. After we finished work, I met my friends at KFC where we stocked up on chicken and went back to our flat. All day we have chilled, napped and watched films and it was so good to see them both. I leave for Christmas break on friday and am so excited to go home now! Every time friends from home come to visit I find myself missing home a lot more once they leave. Before I go, we have to finish this report and I have a test which I will need to revise hard for as I’m so confused right now.

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