Bite your tongue & Christmas

People say I moan a lot, which is fair I do. But I’ve noticed I often have to bite my tongue here, mostly because I cannot be asked for the drama. Some people here seem to make the biggest deal over nothing and it reminds me of secondary school. Others really make me cringe, they try too hard to convince people that they are mental or try really hard to be considered ‘lads’. Luckily, I can moan to my sister about everything because she is in her second year and knows what halls can be like.

Because halls and uni is becoming a little bit repetitive I cannot wait to go home for Christmas. I’m really excited to see my friends and chill with my sisters. This year, will be the third Christmas Eve Eve and its what I look forward to most at Christmas time. My parents decided to get divorced 2 years ago, but they are still living in the same house until it is sold so as you can imagine it can be awkward and argument prone. So me and my sister decided to create Christmas Eve Eve where we have friends over on the 23rd, all exchange presents, have Christmas dinner and then drink and everyone eventually sleeps in the living room. I can’t wait to do it again this year and a lot of our friends have been asking me and my sister if its going to happen. Its sort of becoming a tradition now! I desperately need to start Christmas shopping which I may do now to avoid doing work!

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