Friends & Reports

I have just said goodbye to my friends who are driving back home. They came down last night after one of them finished work at 8 and arrived around half 9. Once they found the place, we went to ASDA and bought a load of food and some drinks and came back to my flat. My friend forgot his ID so I bought his drink whilst he got the food and he refused to let me pay him back which was annoying but cool of him. 

At mine, we ate and had a few drinks. I couldn’t be bothered to drink so stuck to squash but my friend had a few too many and begged to go the beach. I finally agreed and we went, even though at one point she climbed over a fence and stood on the cliff side, which I only realised was really steep when I got down onto the beach. We walked along the beach for ages, and my friend ran into the sea fully clothed and got soaked. We walked home after this, with her using my other friend’s jumper to keep walm. We came back and chilled at my flat and stayed up till 7, which was painful when I had to get up at 10 to meet my group to do work. 

We have been set a 5000 word report and my group have been really good! It makes such a difference to my last group project where I had to do most of the work. We met for two hours and got loads done and have pretty much finished now. After this, I need to finish off my referencing and then it just needs to be proof read by as many people as possible. After we finished work, I met my friends at KFC where we stocked up on chicken and went back to our flat. All day we have chilled, napped and watched films and it was so good to see them both. I leave for Christmas break on friday and am so excited to go home now! Every time friends from home come to visit I find myself missing home a lot more once they leave. Before I go, we have to finish this report and I have a test which I will need to revise hard for as I’m so confused right now.

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Bite your tongue & Christmas

People say I moan a lot, which is fair I do. But I’ve noticed I often have to bite my tongue here, mostly because I cannot be asked for the drama. Some people here seem to make the biggest deal over nothing and it reminds me of secondary school. Others really make me cringe, they try too hard to convince people that they are mental or try really hard to be considered ‘lads’. Luckily, I can moan to my sister about everything because she is in her second year and knows what halls can be like.

Because halls and uni is becoming a little bit repetitive I cannot wait to go home for Christmas. I’m really excited to see my friends and chill with my sisters. This year, will be the third Christmas Eve Eve and its what I look forward to most at Christmas time. My parents decided to get divorced 2 years ago, but they are still living in the same house until it is sold so as you can imagine it can be awkward and argument prone. So me and my sister decided to create Christmas Eve Eve where we have friends over on the 23rd, all exchange presents, have Christmas dinner and then drink and everyone eventually sleeps in the living room. I can’t wait to do it again this year and a lot of our friends have been asking me and my sister if its going to happen. Its sort of becoming a tradition now! I desperately need to start Christmas shopping which I may do now to avoid doing work!

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At home I watched loads of TV and my sister who is now in her second year, told me that she regretted not getting a TV license in her first year. I have a recording digi-box which meant I always had stuff recorded and could watch it when I wanted. I didn’t realise that this TV license shit would cause such a debate.

Everyone told me it was a waste of money, that I was stupid for buying it because they just watch it all on catch-up for free. The way I saw it, I get to watch TV whenever I want and I can record everything I want so I can skip all the adverts too. Also, if I was going to give myself one luxury from my student loan, I knew a TV license would be something I would use all the time. When I bought it, I also found out that you can get a refund for all the months that you don’t use it and seeing as we finish for summer so early, I should be able to get a fair bit of money back. I have also noticed that out of my flat, most of the others hate staying in their room and get bored or homesick if they do for too long. Having TV gives me something to do or have on in the background whilst I do other shit. 

I really do not regret getting a TV license and people soon shut up when it came to their favourite shows being on and no way of watching it. The other day they asked to watch Made in Chelsea and we ended up squeezing 12 people into my room. If you aren’t sure whether to get a TV license when at university, my advice to you would be to get one if you watch a lot of TV like I do and can accept that you may have to for the rest of that month or two be a lot more strict with what you buy. I’m sat here watching big bang theory, with a load of my favourite shows ready for me to watch after which I will watch whilst beginning my research for my next assignment. 

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Music seems to be a big thing at university. Not everyone will have the same taste which is understandable. I would consider myself to have a fairly varied music taste ranging from Nicki Minaj to Imagine Dragons to Crystal Castles. One of my flatmates is obsessed with drum and bass and before I came to university I had barely listened to any. I went to a drum and bass night with her, wanting to try out a different genre and wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved the night and we have already bought tickets for another drum and bass event coming up. 

What I found funny was that people would pretend to her that they had loved drum and bass for ages. I don’t get it because I don’t see the shame in saying I hadn’t listened to much of it before I came. Also, they would always look stupid when she would ask them who their favourite DJ’s were or what sub-genre they liked and they wouldn’t have an answer which made it obvious they were lying. It does get annoying though as one person on my floor tries desperately to impress her with the music at pre-drinks and everyone sits there bored and unable to talk. I have on many occasions taken over the music, even when their flat was hosting pre-drinks, and put on music that everyone can enjoy like old black eyed peas songs, Breathe by Blu Cantrell and Sean Paul and Move Your Feet by Junior Senior. I don’t think my music is superior, I just try to play stuff that everyone can sing along to and laugh about. 

I have got one of my flatmates into Imagine Dragons which is cool. One of my other flatmates is really into R&B and was surprised when I knew a lot of the songs she played and I revealed that I am a massive fan of Nicki Minaj. Although I like varied music, I go mental on nights out if I hear a Nicki song. 

Do you have any songs that you always play at pre-drinks? Or any drum and bass suggestions that I should look into?

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Coming to university, obviously means that there will be a lot of new people; meaning a lot of new friends but also the given potential to clash with people. I would describe the first few weeks as a sort of honeymoon period, as the people in your halls, as well as on your course are still trying to get to know each other.

Before I came to university, my sister told me to not be surprised if the people I get on really well with in the first few weeks don’t actually turn out to be the people you hang around with in the long run. During the first few weeks I didn’t really understand what she meant but now I do. I haven’t stopped getting along with people, I have just become better friends with others. I have made some really good friends here but as expected there are people who grate on me.

I have found myself struggling with a few people, particularly when they talk about their wild nights out. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy going out and getting drunk with friends but equally don’t see the shame in staying in and chilling. At first it didn’t bother me when people went out when I didn’t, often because there was others who didn’t fancy going out either. However people soon began implying I was boring for staying in, even if they had admitted that the night wasn’t that good. It was always the nights we didn’t go out that people were wild and on a new level of drunk, yet when you spoke to others who went out they would admit it was fairly dull. It feels like people want to desperately prove that they fit in with the crazy university stereotype and by trying so hard they end up having a worse time.

I really like most of the people in my seminar group. It soon became apparent who would turn up and try and who wasn’t really that bothered. Whilst there are smaller groups in the seminar, we get on well as a whole too. When it came to assignments however, we quickly discovered the twats. A lot of our work has been excel based at the moment which a lot of us have very little experience with and struggle. One person on our first assignment boasted on facebook about how much work he had done and how good his excel was, which to me seemed really childish. The funniest part of it all was that he had rushed off and done a large percentage of it wrong, which he struggled to admit when told by our lecturer. We recieved our results the other day, and I was happy with my grade of a 2:1. But the same person that boasted about good he was, spent his time counting how many people had done better than him (results are posted in a big grid) and how many people had failed or done badly. Two of my friends in the group had errors on their marks and one called me up really panicking about why she had been given a 0 for her excel. This was soon fixed and my friend posted on our group chat that a number of the results had been put in wrong so the amount of people he had counted that had failed was probably wrong. The thing that annoyed me the most about this person was the fact that he got satisfaction from counting who he had done better than, instead of focusing on how well he did, not taking into consideration that others in our group were panicking on our group chat about their results.

Sorry this is such a long post, it looks like I am having a very negative time at university which is not the case at all. I have made some brilliant friends and had some really good times, I guess I just needed somewhere to vent. How are you finding the people in your halls/how did you cope with all the new personalities?

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I wanted a place where I could write about my experience at university. I am a first year studying business and have been at university for two months now and I am really enjoying it; both my course and the social part. This wordpress will be somewhere where I can write about what I am doing, what is annoying me, what I am enjoying and maybe some suggestions that others can do if they happen to come across this and are starting university or thinking about going anytime in the future.

Who knows where this will go, but it is a place for me to fully document my experiences, both good and bad.

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